Soundboy Manifesto


The Soundboy Manifesto is a literary and augmented reality introduction to the world of Dub Fiction. Each of the images in the Soundboy Manifesto host augmented reality content that can be viewed through any smartphone or tablet.  This additional content includes audio and visual elements to allow the reader to experience a “version” or “dub” of the story.

Who is Soundboy?

Soundboy is anyone or anything that breaks your signal flow. Soundboy dwells within the wrong adapter for your device, that traffic light that is taking too long or that person that stands between you and your immediate or long term goal.  Soundboy is the ghost in the machine.  In Raz Mesinai’s “Soundboy Manifesto” we follow a young Producer’s evolution within the world of sound and soundsystems.  This journey involves trials and tribulations faced by the modern DJ / Producer and also documents the presence of and battles with Soundboy along the way.

Story World Excerpts:

Selector: “Selector” is a story that follows the adventures of waveforms and samples as they hope to stay on the grid long enough to be selected by Producer and routed to freedom through the Master Output. Join bassline4.wav and lilsnare.mp3 as they do what needs to be done to survive inside the system.

Engineer: The story of the “The Engineer” involves traveling through time to gather samples needed for the Ghost Producer’s battle against Soundboy.  In this excerpt we go back to The Hannibal Wars where the march of elephants is sampled for kick drums and the clash of swords is archived to create hi hat sounds.

Ghost Producer: In “Ghost Producer” the weapon for Soundclash against Soundboy is manifested and leads to the end of civilization as we know it.  The Ghost Producer has been warning those who preside over the P.A. (Producer’s Alliance) against Soundboy’s plot to suppress frequencies and pacify the public.  As Soundboy completes his integration of Pur-Ton, Ghost Producer plots to counter-strike with his custom soundsystem called “The War Cry”.

THOE: In “The Heretic Of Ether” (THOE) a population has risen from the ashes of the final Soundclash and it is up to Septa 6, the plumber for The Main Stream, to help decide the fate of the new  mankind.  In the world of THOE, information is liquified as opposed to stored in the cloud.  This creates an industry for the “juice” throughout the Quadrants.  In the underground, Rogue Blenders create “blends” from the loose juice brought in by scavengers.  Septa 6 works to keep the pipes in tact, but between the Scavengers, Subs and folks poking around from the upper quadrants, Septa 6 can always count on adventures while on duty.

Explore the world of sound and train yourself for battles with the outer and inner Soundboy.  Dissonance leads to dissent and Soundboy knows this……Soundboy Manifesto.

Written by Raz Mesinai

Produced by Barry Cole & Raz Mesinai